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The country is now facing inflation at 2,500 per cent, widespread malnutrition and a collapse in healthcare services.Speaking in Crawley, West Sussex, where he was attending a meeting of Labour Party members, Mr Corbyn said: "I'm very sad at the lives that have been lost in Venezuela.The justifying power of charity, so well expressed in Luke, vii, 47, and 1 Pet., iv, 8, has in no way been abolished or reduced by the institution of the Sacraments of Baptism and Penance as necessary means of moral rehabilitation; it has only been made to include a willingness to receive these sacraments where and when possible. Paul (Rom,.viii, 28), covers both the acts elicited or commanded by charity. Augustine (De laudibus quartets) calls charity the "life of virtues " ( vita virtutum ); and St. Of course, the meritorious power of charity is, like the virtue itself, susceptible of indefinite growth. While charity embraces all the children of God in heaven, on earth, and in purgatory (see COMMUNION OF SAINTS), it is taken here as meaning man's supernatural love for man, and that in this world; as such, it includes both love of self and love of neighbour. Augustine (De bono viduitatis, xxi) remarks that no command was needed to make man love himself. ), the Christian use of our body ( Romans ; 1 Corinthians ; Colossians 3:5 ).and can hardly be brought down to practical points not already covered by more specific precepts.Jeremy Corbyn has condemned all violence "on both sides" in Venezuela, but stopped short of condemning embattled socialist President Nicolas Maduro.The Labour leader called for "dialogue and a process" to improve the situation in the South American country which has descended into chaos in recent weeks.The expression "to love the neighbour for the sake of God " means that we rise above the consideration of mere natural solidarity and fellow-feeling to the higher view of our common Divine adoption and heavenly heritage; in that sense only could our brotherly love be brought near to the love which Christ had for us ( John ), and a kind of moral identity between Christ and the neighbour ( Matthew ), become intelligible.

Theologians agree in saying that it is infused together with sanctifying grace, to which it is closely related either by way of real identity, as some few hold, or, according to the more common view, by way of connatural emanation. Although charity is at times intensely emotional, and frequently reacts on our sensory faculties, still it properly resides in the rational will a fact not to be forgotten by those who would make it an impossible virtue. (4) Its motive , i.e., the Divine goodness or amiability taken absolutely and as made known to us by faith.

This definition sets off the main characteristics of charity: (1) Its origin , by Divine infusion.

"The charity of God is poured forth in our hearts, by the Holy Ghost " ( Romans 5:5 ).

Their true significance is that, both in our mental appreciation and in our voluntary resolve, God should stand above all the rest, not excepting father or mother, son or daughter ( Matthew ). By stating that "charity never falleth away" (1 Cor xiii, 8), St Paul clearly intimates that there is no difference of kind, but only of degree, between charity here below and glory above; as a consequence Divine love becomes the necessary inception of that God-like life which reaches its fullness in heaven only.

The necessity of habitual charity is inferred from its close communion with sanctifying grace.

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