Eva green dating marton csokas

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‘When the movie came out, my father was shocked but my mother was very proud because she knew that I was just acting,’ adds Eva, who was outraged when censors removed five minutes from the film on its US release because of American squeamishness about sex.‘Joy and I are very contrasting characters,’ says Eva.One fashion editor nicknamed her Morticia Addams for arriving at a fashion event in ‘shockingly bad Givenchy’.As the fifth French actress to play a Bond girl, she explains, ‘When I go to LA, people just think of me as a sexy French girl who drinks and smokes.The beautiful Eva Green is no exception and it won't be a surprise to us if she has more than one love affair.Tim Burton was previously married to wife Lena Gieseke with whom he divorced in 1991.The French actress rose to fame thanks to her past role as Artemisia in the '300' sequel, '300: Rise Of An Empire.' She was also a compelling character in 'Kingdom Of Heaven' before moving on to become Vanessa Ives in Showtime's Victorian noir series.

‘Then he saw that I was freaking out too so he protected me and gave me advice about being assertive with the director if I was unhappy about something.’ But despite the excitement generated by her performance as a heroine with a dark side, she is adamant that she won’t relocate from London – she has been living in Primrose Hill for the past three years – to Los Angeles. ‘In LA it’s all about work – studio people have their five minutes with you and they go, “Oh mah Gahd, I love your movie.” You just feel very self-conscious there.’She first developed a taste for all things goth when she started dying her dark blond hair blue-black at 15.

‘She never wanted to act, which was quite good because it would have been very competitive between us.

We fought and were quite nasty to one another, but now we get on really well.

All of you might know the French actress and model Eva Green (who doesn't know her? But, we are giving her brief introduction to our readers who don't know about her.

The 36-year-old actress was born in Paris, France and she completed her education from American School of Paris while she learned acting at St. She later enrolled at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

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