Who is kat dating in eastenders

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She's contributed tirelessly to the Square's annual slap quota... She's been a barmaid, she's been in prison, she's landlady of the Vic (i.e. She's had more girly nights out than you've had hot dinners, cold dinners, lunches, breakfasts, brunches, afternoon teas, and late-night snacks COMBINED. Then Alfie was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and fans believe it is more serious than he let Kat believe. Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace are due to head off to Ireland to film a spin-off show.Kat will go looking for her secret son, who her family hid from her after he was born. "We leave on screen and we’re not coming back as far as we know," he said."That’s Kat and Alfie gone.

Set in Ireland with beautiful scenery and a family full of secrets and past and present joy and pains, so many lurking just under the surface.

“Alfie’s journey is to help his wife find her son but at the same time he has his own dark secret which he’s keeping.

“The drama is very mythical, there’s something magical here.” Meanwhile, Jessie has revealed that viewers will see a different side to Kat, who was known for her outspoken nature with her fellow Walford residents.

“Kat is a very colourful person – there’s a lot of layers to her," she told the Daily Star.

"To play a character for 16 years and bring it to this means there’s plenty underneath to bring to the surface." “So much has happened to her and that’s what she brings to Redwater.

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