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She noticed this a couple of times, as time passed and my limits extended.I would kiss in and out of those panties and bra, sometimes leaving it wet with saliva.

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I couldn’t help but just pulled her towards me crushing her massive breasts in our embrace, I held her by her bare waist and squeezed it she whimpered “ummpphh” her breathing increased I squeezed her against myself again feeling her whole body against mine, her breasts her thighs I could even feel my hard cock against her belly and I am pretty sure so did she.This was not the happy ending that is told in story tales or romantic comedies.Courtney never thought the affair that she was having would lead to her husband divorcing her.For 15 years Courtney and Gene seemed like they were a very loving couple.Both married at the age of 20 after being High School sweethearts.

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