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Tunisians are very warm, emotional, and expressive.Physical contact and gestures are commonly used to express feelings or to communicate.Do not force the matter if he/she changes the subject.Work may also be another topic that you can broach (although not at first).Also, avoid making comparisons or talking about the origins of religion.These topics may offend certain Tunisians and should be avoided in order to not create a negative image or tension between the Canadian and the people around him.Tunisians do not want their hospitality to be rewarded by criticisms or distasteful jokes.

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Furthermore, you should know the person to whom you are speaking very well before talking about Tunisian politics or any topics related to the Arab world.

If they have already been to Canada they will tell you about the places they visited.

Generally, discussion topics are sporting events, movies (latest film playing on the big screen), the weather, and international news.

Avoid questions about the internal political situation in Tunisia.

This is not to say that Tunisians do not have opinions about it, but that they keep them to themselves.

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