Ms project screenupdating property

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We have found that these settings cause serious problems with Excel buttons, especially Active X controls. Turn off screen updating when button is clicked, check to see if the the placement is different on the control, change it back, if needed, turn screen updating back on DP After trying many of the solutions on this and related posts, I discovered that the solution to a different problem that Microsoft had posted also worked reliably for this particular issue when applied in a particular way, at least within the context I'm working within.Sometimes, on repeated clicks, they shrink to unreadability; other times they expand to cover the whole screen. I experienced these problems in a resolution native to the laptops we have here and on a PC whenever I'd switch to a non-native resolution.Step 1: Select the column from which you want to hide. Step 2: Press CTRL Shift Right Arrow to select all the columns till XFD. I’ll illustrate these special ranges using this simple pivot table, which comes from an example formerly available on the Microsoft web site (I can no longer locate it).

These examples included specific procedures, and the emphasis was on the results of the manipulation.

Ran across this thread after dealing with the problem for a few months in Excel 2016.

But what worked was a line at the start of the button code This is caused by zoom level calculation errors. If resizing any element with VBA, I would suggest setting zoom to 100%, resizing, then setting back to previous zoom level. The problem seems to relate to the way Windows handles non-native resolutions on monitors and can be avoided in several ways The problem can be a complete nightmare when it happens, but it only happens intermittently. Address int Row = int Row 1 Next End Sub I then counted each shape name in column A, using a formula in column G: =COUNTIF($A:$A0, A2) Obviously adjust range to suit... Didn't notice until I took the "stab in the dark" of checking all my shape names/locations/sizes. if anyone can please add to this with "how to replicate duplicate shape names" then maybe we can replicate the "shrinking controls" problem too...

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