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The profile was rejected because apparently I was not allowed to ask for that. Hi, Be very careful with paid sites such as, Yahoo Personals,, etc.

These paid sites, supposedly sends fake winks to members to make them believe that a member has written to you in hopes that you will pay for a subscription. Also, these paid sites have it set up that a member can't put their email address in a message to a free user (this sites replace the mail address with the users dating email address).

If I want to reach out to someone, I'll send them a real message, taking care to include specific references to parts of their profile that motivated me to contact them so they'll know I'm real and actually read their profile.

Dave Interesting reading - so you women get winks from hot guys, too, to entice you to join. 6 lines above it seems the same profile that was denied on yahoo is now OK and in came emails with outside contact info... Did support forward my email (which I should share) to the web bot programmers?

Out of boredom I recently tried to post a profile on yahoo...

and via email their support confirmed ( or inferred ) that Yahoo Personal's policy is they can and will delete a profile and will not refund your payments if you at ANY time try to talk, meet,email or communicate out side of yahoo.

Sometimes I report them, sometimes just delete, depending on my mood.They do not want paying members or non members to communicate outside of their paying medium. After a 2 week email exchange with support I gave up as this recreational writing task was a waste of time.All of a sudden my profile became active and then the winks and emails from recently deleted accounts (web bots) with outside contact info came barging in.Years ago there were a ton of russian 'women' (I always imagine some fat guy with a cigar in a basement somewhere generating all these scams) declaring undying sight unseen love for me. If I'm really bored sometimes I'll actually play along to see how many messages it takes until they ask for money, then they're deleted, blocked and reported.I really don't think many real people utilize the wink function much, although every now and then I'll get a wink from someone near my age, in my state, and those I treat as genuine.

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