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Cathy wondered if Dolores would have a heart attack if she knew that one of those so called perverts who wrote erotica online was sitting less than ten feet away from her.

It'd been three years since she'd first tried her hand at adult fiction under the pen name of Anne O'Donnell.

It was just that in Dolores's case she couldn't separate her personality from her body.

One incident that stuck out in her mind about how much that personality grated on her occurred last year when she'd gotten a part time job at the local mall selling lingerie.

From the time she'd had her first experience with another woman, Cathy had been a confirmed bisexual.

A practice that continued up to this day, even after 8 years of marriage.

Suppressing a groan as the older woman added yet another new verse to her litany, Cathy considered that if that didn't put her into the hospital, she had another little revelation that most surely would.

Dolores' current crusade was directed against the school board's decision to use the money raised by the PTA to give Cedar Grove Elementary School Internet Access.

It was her firm contention that opening the doors of the Information Highway to the youngest citizens of their small town of 20,000 would create a generation of perverts and sex-addicts.

The woman had been speaking non-stop for over half an hour.

The worst part of it was that Dolores was simply going over what had become by now a tired and familiar path.

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