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The phone screen still blaring brightly, still on the horrendous app. What can I say, puppy eyes run in this family."For me! In one condition."She huffed, and squinted her eyes at me with a suspicious look. There's no way in hell I would find someone's interesting enough (and well, good looking enough) in this god-forsaken app, anyway."What? " She looked like she wanted to punch me hard in my shoulder.

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Oh, woe me."She rolled her eyes, and then plopped back into the couch, hands folded in front of her chest. Without the meeting part—which you hate and we're still working on that part. Well, without the meeting part at least until your choice of man and yourself choose to meet up.

"You don't only fear dating app, dad, you also fear dating in general shit.""Language! One day, they will disappear into the top of your head, and you will be remembered as The Girl Who Got Cursed By Her Dad Because She Rolled Her Eyes At Him Too Many Times."She punched me playfully on my arm with a laugh. Whether that punch was indeed hard, or I was just getting soft.

" I chided at her, and once again she rolled her eyes. Probably getting soft, with my ability to run away from the sight of any gym. "Anyway, I'm so glad to know that my daughter understand her dad's fears so well.

The Geordie presenter got down on one knee on an island off the coast of Australia, before travelling to the set of I'm A Celebrity ...

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, he said: "It got to the last evening and we'd organised dinner on the beach and we went round to one side of the island, the only place on the island where you can see the sun set."We just went round and we watched the sunset go down and we did it there, it was lovely."ATalking about their relationship previously, Donnelly admitted it was "a little strange" when the couple first got together because they had been work colleagues for so long, but said: "It's going good.

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