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Gulf started the trend in 1933, and the advertisements were so effective that Texaco, which was the first gas station to build public restrooms, launched its Registered Rest Rooms campaign two years later.

The sign promising cleanliness made me responsible, and I wanted the bathrooms to be spotless.The stations promote cleanliness, and say, to men: gas station in the East End, then those bathrooms were the public restrooms for the fifteen diverse neighborhoods crammed into that corner of Pittsburgh.And they were just OK, which meant sometimes they were, in the words of the man with the whitish-blonde mustache who complained that summer day, “A mess. I usually hit the bathrooms before my break, after the afternoon rush had died.The kind of mega-station where you stop for gas and end up buying a Philly cheesesteak, chips and a large Pepsi because a sign on the pump reminded you: It was almost three on a hot summer afternoon.All sixteen pumps were being used, Baum had traffic, and we were understaffed.

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