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In this family-oriented society [1], men who have sex with men (MSM) are often pressured to get married to a woman and father at least 1 child. To avoid these pressures, many MSM migrate away from their homes to secure employment elsewhere, only returning for the annual traditional festivals [2].Although the development of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/AIDS epidemic among MSM has been examined in many studies [3–6], the influence of MSM migration patterns on population size estimation and HIV prevalence are still poorly understood in China.Migrants were defined as individuals who were away from their registered residence for The website contained data on 794 912 MSM eligible for the study, of which 34.5% were migrants.The median age was 26 years (range, 18–61 years), and 85.5% were unmarried.

All data were abstracted from the BF99 website and de-identified prior to analysis, and there was no study-specific data collection instrument.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Investigators are using DARPA's Memex technology pull information from the so-called "deep Web" that can be used to find and prosecute human traffickers.

China decriminalized homosexuality in 1997 and removed it from the list of mental disorders in 2001.

However, significant social stigma against same-gender sexual activity persists.

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