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The club advertises this service with the below poster hanging outside the club. Continue reading In New York, dating is an activity. And in this sport, there are many crazy sequences of events that lead to many hilarious stories (some of which end up right here on this blog). Continue reading We hate to give this guy more attention. We do however want to make you aware that things like this HAPPEN.According to an article in the New York Post last week, a 27 …After spouting unbelievably embarrassing and self-aggrandizing sentiments about his intellectual superiority and physical aptitude, he closed the letter with the standard, “I look …Continue reading At a certain gentlemen’s club, one of the services offered is “body sushi”, where you can pay to eat raw fish off of a naked stranger’s body.

”), I will happily oblige and tell you what you really want to know, which …There was so much I wanted to do and achieve that going home was the last thing on my mind.I believe this is very much the mindset of the people in our profession.However, it's important to stress that the majority of employees do so because they want to - they're motivated by what they're working on and want to show they can do a good job.I remember my first day as a junior investment banker: I looked at my watch and I couldn't believe it was already 10pm.

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