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"If you're a giver, then you build quality relationships, and with those relationships you're exposed to opportunity over the long term," Grant told Business Insider last year.

"You actually increase your own luck so far as you contribute things to other people.

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"When people ask me what I do, I try to be a little elusive just to create some interest.

Levy has his dinner guests spend the majority of the evening refraining from discussing any aspect of their occupation, and encourages Salon guests to do the same, so that they can get to know each other personally.

New Yorker writer and author Maria Konnikova found this endearing when she attended one of Levy's dinners and Salons.

"At the Salon, you're just enjoying the evening and figuring out which people you actually like, regardless of whether they can be helpful to you," she says.

In keeping with being a "giver," you should always be aware of which of your connections could be interested in meeting each other, and email is the easiest way to do so remotely.

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