Bulk updating gem source index hangs christian dating dtr

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We've added the downloadable class tag to our check boxes, while adding a simple form to send data to the new_bulk_edit_path.This path corresponds to the new action, which typically, you don't post forms to (which is why we needed to be explicit about setting the GET method).

As a result, you should be sure that your incoming data is valid, maybe running it through a cleanse phase before getting to this point.While we could simply wrap our form_tag around our search results, but we may not always want this.For example, what if we need multiple forms to be able to send our selection to different controllers in our application?Today we'll be focusing on a simple user interface to allow the user to make a selection of records. An example UI from Google's Ad Words interface for selecting multiple records for an action. Well, there are a couple of gotcha's to be worked out along the way.We'd like to offer the user a form with check boxes to click so when submitted, our controller gets an array of IDs we can pass to our Active Record finder.

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