Rapid keyboard composition for organ dating from the baroque period

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A notational sign in a score indicating that a specific note is to be played as a flat, sharp, or natural.

The most common accidentals (flats and sharps) correspond to the five black notes in each octave of the keyboard.

harmonic minor scale The scale that results from flatting the third and sixth degrees of the major scale.

harmonic rhythm The rate at which harmony changes and the degree of regularity with which it changes.

rapid keyboard composition for organ dating from the baroque period-88

pitch (1) The high and low of sounds, measured in acoustical frequencies; (2) a particular note, such as middle C.

synthesizer An electronic device that can create a wide variety of sounds in response to the user's instructions.

(Italian, "time") The speed of a piece of music, usually reckoned by the rate of its beats.

fret A raised strip across the fingerboard of a stringed instrument, designed to produce a specific pitch when stopped at that point.

(1) In acoustics, a synonym for overtone or partial; (2) in string playing, a high-pitched, whistling tone made by bowing a lightly stopped string.

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