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Partying, cruising, and hanging in the streets: Gangs, routine activities, and delinquency and violence in Chicago, 1959-1962.

Public opinion and the reform of the pension systems in Europe: the influence of solidarity principles. Khachatryan, H., Campbell, B., Hall, C., Behe, B., Yue, C.

Predicting multiple behaviors from GPS radiocollar cluster data.

Subtyping first-episode non-affective psychosis using four early-course features: potentially useful prognostic information at initial presentation.

Health & Social Care in the Community 22 (5), 533-544. A., Johannsson, B., Young, H., Cantey, J., Srinivasan, A., Perencevich, E., Septimus, E., Laxminarayan, R. Assessment of empirical antibiotic therapy optimisation in six hospitals: an observational cohort study. Contracts, governance, and country risk in project finance: Theory and evidence. Entry and re-entry into informal care-giving over a 3-year prospective study among older people in Nairobi slums, Kenya. Blaming the government for environmental problems: A multilevel and cross-national analysis of the relationship between trust in government and local and global environmental concerns.

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