Looking up porn going to chat requests

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I allowed my daughter to put this on her i Pod, not putting nearly as much time into looking it over as I should have.

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The BIG problem is that a lot of the available music and sound bites contain all the very adult language and innuendo you hear on the radio.

There is a setting to set it up that only her friends could view her videos, but it still really bothered me. After I started exploring the app, I realize that at the bottom of the video people could put hashtags.

I clicked on a hash tag, which took me to another video with a different suggestive sounding hashtag at the bottom that I clicked on, which then took me to videos that were Adult content.

Wish there was a version of this app for kids with say, Radio Disney pop songs and sound bites only.

While this is really fun for the kids and you can have a "private" account, there is a Search Icon on the home page which opens them up to any and all adult videos.

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