Steam volidating rejected

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David De Martini: If it's finished, if it's credible, if it's testable, we're going to post it.

Q: Strategically, what's important for you over the next year? David De Martini: The basic price of admission over the next twelve months is to continue to make everything better.

We made sure we had a highly reliable commerce capability, buttoned down our merchandising, added features like friends and chat and in-game overlay, cloud saves, being able to purchase things in-game reliably. At the same time, as Gabe [Newell, of Valve] quickly pointed out, "Yeah, but what's so great about any of those features?

" You might say they're all well done; in many cases they're what somebody else did, and they're kind of the minimum price of admission of having a high-quality service like we're trying to have.

David De Martini: Yes, you have to be smart about how you re-engage.

I expect more, and everybody on my team expects more.

We want to have a 90 Metacritic service just like every game team that works on a game at EA wants to have a 90 Metacritic game. Q: It's hard to work on the quality while also expanding the number of services, and the number of users, and the number of games...

David De Martini is Senior Vice President of Global Ecommerce for Electronic Arts, and that means that EA's much-maligned Origin digital distribution service is his baby.

The service has had some difficult patches in its first year, and Games Industry International sat down with De Martini at E3 to find out if things are getting better. David De Martini: Origin is in a constant state of improvement, at our official one year birthday.

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