Signs you39re dating a commitment phobe

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[Read: 10 harsh dating tips to really make dating work in your favor] #7 You have a broken heart.If you are still reeling from your last relationship, there is a chance that you are not ready to commit.You think that their partners are not good enough and that your friends are compromising their happiness just to be with someone.You probably also think that the life that they have built with their significant other is dull and uneventful.As someone with commitment issues, you probably constantly judge other relationships.Whether it is your best friend’s latest squeeze, you neighbor’s fiancée, or your aunt’s 20-year marriage, you are probably full of opinions and judgments, most of them negative.

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[Read: The 23 kinds of relationships that define your love life] #4 You judge other relationships.This term simply refers to someone who is terrified of commitment and who prefers a lifestyle unmarred by having a significant other. One night stands, flirting with the hottest people in the room and dancing the night away at a mega club may seem like the ideal life for many, including you. However at the end of the day, you have to realize that the reason you are single may not be because your exes suck and do not live up to expectations, it may just be you!12 clear signs you have commitment issues and ways to fix them It is not a crime to live for yourself, but you have to know when to admit that you have commitment problems.Browsed through your Rolodex and realized that all your friends are either married, having children, or in serious relationships whereas the biggest decision you have to make right now is whether you want to take home the Merlot or Pinot Noir?If you are successful, sociable and a ball of fun to be around but still single, there is a chance that you may be a commitment-phobe.

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